The Importance Of Goal Setting


Hey Guys!

Now that the Christmas party season is over and we all ate and drank too much, actually far too much, it’s time to start thinking about getting that bikini body of your dreams and start to look and feel great!

The first and hardest step is getting started! It’s not always easy to choose Quinoa instead of chips or to do the dreaded 6am legs session. But one way that makes me stick to it is to have a goal and a little plan in my head of how I will get there and when I want to achieve this by. Ask yourself what do I want to achieve? The answer is your goal. This goal will act as your motivation, keep you focused and training better. So I am going to help you figure out your goals and the rest is easy!

My personal trainer knew I was struggling to get back into my exercise plan after Love Island finished. Before I went in, I was motivated to get fit and look great in my bikini for the show. I have always been involved in sport from a young age and realise the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But since the show ended and coming back home I have struggled to get my motivation back, so he told me to set another goal in my head, however big or small to refocus my motivation. This goal should follow the SMART principle:

Specific – a goal needs to be as specific as possible so you can work toward it and achieve it. “Lose weight” is too vague. What exactly do you want to achieve and how? Why do you want to do it? For example ‘I want to be a size 8 for my sisters wedding in May’ or I want to tone my legs and stomach and shape my bum for holiday in July’ are a good examples of specific goals.

Measurable – if you don’t make your goal measurable then how do you know when you have reached it? Work out a way to measure your goal and track your progress. This could be weighing yourself each Monday, or trying on your goal size 8 bikini every week. Measuring your progress keeps you motivated as you are focusing each week on the day you will weigh yourself for example and when you see progress to reaching your goal this acts as a positive experience and gives you that push to keep going! My plan has a built in progress tracker to keep you motivated each week, I find this the biggest help ever to keep going even when I feel lazy!

Achievable – when you have got your goals, you will begin your journey to start achieving them. You will need to plan how you will achieve your chosen goals, breaking these down into manageable steps is the best way to make the goal achievable. If your overall goal is to lose 2 stone then this can seem unrealistic at first, so break this down into losing 2lb a week as this seems much more achievable and will keep you feeling positive and motivated each week when you meet your target.

Realistic – a goal must be something which you are able to reach and also willing to put the work in to get there. A goal should be ambitious but it needs to be realistic too!

Timeframe – give yourself a date when you want to achieve your goal, setting a specific date will give you something to aim for, for example to achieve your goal by July 15th when you will go on holiday. Once you have decided on a time frame this stimulates the unconscious mind to start working toward the goal and will keep your motivation high.

If you work through each step of the SMART principle then you will have your goals and the first step in achieving your body dreams! It may sound silly, but writing down your goal really helps also, I laughed when he told me this but I did it and whenever I feel like skipping an exercise session I read it and it really does give me that extra push.

And this is what is really cool about my plan, we have built in two features to help you stay focused the inspiration wall where you can make a collage of pictures of things you want to achieve this could be a picture of Kendall Jenner and a beach pic of somewhere you want to go this summer. This will act as a visual reminder to what your goals are and why you want to achieve them, keeping you focused and motivated. The second feature is the progress tracker, here you upload before and after pictures and put your measurements in. What is more motivational than seeing how well you are doing?

Get started on your goals today! And remember, 2017 is the year you will look amazing in your bikini!

Lots of love,

Kady xxx

The key to getting fit and healthy is making a lifestyle change and my Bikini Plan really does have everything you need.

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