Kady's Glute Guide

The second programme from Kady.

This is a simple programme consisting of training videos and an easy to follow schedule. It can be performed at home and in the gym.

“I am excited to share with you my Glute Guide to help you get a fabulous booty. I was known in the Love Island house to have a pretty peachy bum, so I want to share my secrets with you and help you feel more confident on the beach this summer.

Me and my personal trainer have put together the ultimate Glute Guide to help get you in shape, while working specifically on your bum muscles to give you that perfect peach.

So come and join me and let’s get beach ready together!”

What's Included

A simple to follow training programme

We've made this programme really easy to follow so you can spend less time reading the programme and more time getting results.

Training Videos

We've filmed new footage so you can train with Kady from the comfort of your own home. The Glute Guide has been designed to give you the best bum you could wish for.