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The Top 4 Supplements Everyone Needs

Taking supplements is a controversial topic, even if you eat a wellbalanced whole food diet the chances are there are still nutrients that you lack. The supplement market can be very confusing, often leaving people wondering where to start. In hellip Read More

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Hey Everyone, So we are well into the New Year now and its amazing to see so many of you joining me on the Kadys Bikini Plan and getting fitter and healthier The initial motivation of your New Years resolution hellip Read More

The Importance Of Goal Setting

Now that the Christmas party season is over and we all ate and drank too much, actually far too much, its time to start thinking about getting that bikini body of your dreams. Read More

How To Get A Peachy Bum Like Kady

Today I am going to talk about my bum and give you some tips for the perfect peachy bum I was surprised that mine got so much attention when I was on Love Island and flattered to read all of the comments. Read More